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Airplane Hangar Doors

Overhead Hydraulic Doors for Airplane Hangars

Hangar Doors Keep Getting Better

When moving small or large airplanes in and out of your hangar, it’s important that the airplane pilot does not have to fight with the older style of large hangar doors. Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors are engineered to provide safety for the pilot or the hangar door operator. Hydraulic hangar doors are a new design that airplane pilots can appreciate – just a push of the button and the door opens smoothly – and, when closed, it offers security for the aircraft.

Why Airplane Pilots Like The New Hydraulic Doors…Provides Shade When Open

When the hydraulic door is in the open position, the one-piece door provides extra shade. When open, the hangar door protrudes off the end wall/sidewall of the building structure, forming a large canopy. Talk about shade! This is the hangar door that does just that. Also, when the door is in the open position and the pilots are performing maintenance work on the plane inside the airplane hangar, the one-piece door lets the fresh air in and keeps the sun out.

Maintenance on Hangar Doors…Virtually None

Airport managers love the hydraulic doors’ simple, strong design with less moving parts. Two powerful cylinders move the large, one-piece doors. No aircraft cables or pulleys to mess with, so you save on service and maintenance costs.

Our New Aviation Hangar Door Accepts A Low-Profile Building Structure

The newly designed hangar door allows pilots to save tons of money when erecting or replacing their next aircraft hangar, box hangar, t-hangar or aircraft maintenance building – the list goes on. Airports have height restrictions when building hangars at airports. The new hydraulic doors allow pilots to save money by keeping a low-profile building that accepts the new door design of the Schweiss Hydraulic Door.

Why Schweiss Hydraulic Lift Doors?

The new design of the hangar door is totally powered by hydraulics, safe, powerful and simple to maintain, with less moving parts. It’s a simple, strong door design, that’s easily installed into the hangar building structure. Schweiss-engineered doors for the aviation markets are a wise choice for your next hangar door.

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors Does It Better


Aircraft Hangars

Schweiss Doors has supplied thousands of hangar doors for airplane hangars both large and small all around the world. Aircraft hangars are a large investment and the airplanes they house are an even bigger investment so when it comes to protecting that investment people go with the brand they can trust, Schweiss Doors. With more years in the hangar door business than anyone else Schweiss is ready, willing and able to get you a door that is custom built to fit your aircraft hangar and stand up to the most severe of weather.

Airplanes, Floatplanes And Helicopters

Whether you land on grass, asphalt, water or anything in between Schweiss is here to help you keep your aircraft safe and sound. Schweiss Doors is the leading manufacture of aircraft hangar doors for airplanes, floatplanes and helicopter hangars. Keep your aircraft safe and sound behind a door you can trust.

Large Gray Hanger Doors

Airport Hangars

Schweiss Doors is the go to supplier of quality airport hangar doors for airports near and far. Built Airfield just south of Chicago, Illinois choose Schweiss for all 132 of their airport hangars and when Oshawa Airport in Oshawa Canada needed 80 doors for their airport hangar expansion Schweiss delivered. Private owners and municipalities alike consistently choose Schweiss Doors for their airport hangars. 1 door or 100, Schweiss is ready to deliver an aircraft hangar door that is sure to make you the talk of your local aviation community.